The Best Buttermilk Chocolate Chip Scones

My moms chocolate chip scones are THE BEST! They are so easy to make and always a favorite when served for breakfast on holidays and birthdays. Perfect for a sweet breakfast, brunch or dessert!

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The Best Chocolate Chip Buttermilk Scones Recipe

My mom has been making these scones for breakfast every Christmas morning since I was a kid! Now its very special that I can pass this recipe off to anyone who needs an easy chocolate chip scone fix ❤️

A traditional scone uses heavy cream and eggs to get a sturdy, crumbly, scone.  This recipe uses buttermilk instead making them extra fluffy and flaky. You will not want to stop eating these chocolate chip sones.

My Moms Chocolate Chip Scones Recipe

Ingredients Needed to Make Chocolate Chip Scones:

The best Chocolate Chip Scones Recipe

The Best Chocolate Chip Scones

Yield: 12 scones



  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees and adjust rack to middle top position. Mix everything(except chocolate chips) together in a bowl until combined. Then mix chocolate chips in.
  2. Place a small fistful amount of the mixture on parchment paper or greased pan, space scones about 1 inch apart (should have 12 scones).
  3. Bake the scones at 400 degrees for about 13-17 minutes, until your scones have golden brown peaks. Enjoy warm 😋

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