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Gochujang Honey Glazed Shrimp (Easy 15 minute recipe)

Gochujang Honey Glazed Shrimp are perfectly fried, crunchy shrimp coated in a sweet and savory Gochujang sauce. This recipe needs only 15 minutes to make, including prep, making it perfect dinner!

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Gochujang is a spicy paste used in Korean cooking, made from red chili peppers, fermented soybeans, rice, and salt. Using Gochujang instead of sriracha will add a salty, savory and slightly sweet flavor, the perfect flavor in soups, stews, marinades and sauces. If you love Korean food, or cooking in general, having Gochujang on hand is definitely worth it!

What is MSG and why use it?

Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is a flavor enhancer often added to foods you get at restaurants. Its perfect to enhance the flavor in sauces, broths, soups and many more foods. I recently have been using Msg to replace salt in cooking because “MSG contains about 12 percent sodium, which is two-thirds less than that contained in table salt.” Check out this article from food&wine to read more about replacing salt with Msg

Gochujang Honey Glazed Shrimp (Easy 15 minute recipe)

Gochujang Honey Glazed Shrimp

Servings 2-3 (double recipe if needed)


Gochujang sauce


  • In a large bowl, add your peeled shrimp, cornstarch, msg, black pepper and mix completely until well coated.
  • Add the Gochujang sauce ingredients to a small bowl mix together
  • In a large frying pan, heat 1/4 cup oil over medium high heat. Fry your shrimp for 10 minutes flipping them half way, until they are golden on both sides (don’t overcrowd pan, do in batches if needed).
  • Lower the heat to low and pour in the sauce. Cook for 30 seconds or until it’s thickened a bit. Turn off heat and enjoy!

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